Nikki's Story

Nikki's Story

My name is Nikki Allman, I’m 47 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer last July.  Since then life has not quite been the same !

We all never want to hear those dreaded words but some of us sadly do. Following the discovery of a lump a few months earlier nothing was found but then in early July as I was taking a top off there it was a huge indent in my right breast, the hospital did wonder why I was back so soon but quickly confirmed the diagnosis. From the initial diagnosis of requiring a lumpectomy, which was a huge relief, following scans and further tests my options dwindled away. The cancer had gone into my lymph nodes and the MRI showed pre-cancerous cells in the left. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I had to make a tough decision - have a double mastectomy or have one breast removed and see what happens on the left. There really was just one option - a double mastectomy.  I decided not to have reconstructive surgery as it just sounded horrendous. 

I underwent the operation on the 8th October - it’s the most terrible ordeal waking up and such a part of you is gone. But I coped and kept smiling. I endured the Chemotherapy from November to February with the loss of all my hair followed by daily trips to the hospital for Radiotherapy. I had done it !!

It wasn’t until one day near the end of my Radiotherapy I realised in a way this was just the beginning ... I wanted to treat myself to feel good ... new underwear !!! I called into a local department store and wandered through the lovely selection of lingerie ... I asked the lady if there was any bras for me ... I was shown a rack which was hidden at the back of all the displays with a selection of 3 bras ... all which were hideous and when I asked if there was any underwear to match the lady looked at me and said - oh no dear not for these types of bras. I hastily left and cried all the way back from Edinburgh to Kelso.

It’s then I realised the lack of feminine lingerie for ladies like me. We should not be different, that’s what’s so inspirational about the idea and concept of LoveRose Lingerie, it will allow us to feel feminine and confident because that’s what we are. This is a journey and I look forward to being part of this exciting opportunity.

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